7 Online Jobs That Pay $20/h in 2022 for Teenagers from Home

We all want to become millionaires overnight, but that’s impossible unless you put money into cryptocurrency and it takes off. The point I’m trying to make is that we all have to start someplace in order to become millionaires.

For example, the world’s second-richest guy. Jeff began his career serving burgers. Imagine this person frying burgers in real life. The important idea is that we all have to start somewhere, whether it’s flipping burgers or getting a decent job to save money before establishing a side hustle or a business.

Online Jobs That Pay $20/h in 2022 for Teenagers

Your teen years are the perfect time to start since you can afford to fail as many times as you want and still succeed by finding work if nothing else works out.

Today we’ll discuss seven jobs that pay more than $15 per hour or more for skilled Teenagers from Home, including how to get started, how difficult the tasks are, and how much effort you’ll need to put in for each.

No 1. Transcriber / Sounds into Text

Depending on what you do, becoming a transcriber might pay you anywhere from $15 to $25 per hour. Simply said, a transcriber is someone who converts sounds into text. That’s all there is to it. This work is open to my grandmother as well. As a transcriber, you have two options for earning money online from home.

The simplest method is to apply for a transcriber position at rev.com. Other services exist, but I’ve found that Rev pays the highest dollar each minute transcribed.

How to earn from Rev.com

You’ll be given test audio to transcribe when you apply. Once you’ve completed that, they’ll begin providing you with a variety of jobs from which to choose, depending on whether you want to do it or not. Some professions pay more for each minute transcribed, however the typical salary per audio minute transcribed is 40 cents to $1. It’s available in a variety of regions and languages, allowing everyone to profit. YouTubers that wish to add captions to their videos typically use this site.

earn online from riv com

The second option is to create movie subtitles. According to estimates, 35% of internet content watchers use subtitles while watching online content. Now, 35 percent may not seem like much, but when compared to the number of individuals who view stuff online, it’s a lot.

There is clearly a demand for this position, as movies will continue to be released indefinitely. You could believe that firms utilize software to transform text to speech. Yes, some companies do, but someone still double-checks the subtitles to make sure they’re proper.

No. 2 Data Entry

Everything has begun to shift online as we transition into the metaverse. This demands the transfer of a large amount of existing data to internet applications, and this is where you can secure the bag. Many organizations are willing to pay more than $15 per hour only to fill in data.

The nicest part about data entry jobs is that you don’t need a college diploma or if you’re from the United Kingdom, a university diploma. If you know how to utilize Excel or other platforms that the company employs, you’ll be able to get the position quickly. It’s not difficult for individuals who have never used Excel before.

Simply watch some YouTube videos, and I am confident that you will excel within an hour.

If you really want to succeed in this job, you’ll need two major criteria. One example is paying close attention to the smallest of details. Companies recruit people who have a keen eye for detail because if one entry is incorrect, the entire data set is skewed, which no one wants.

Your typing speed is the second most important factor. Some companies demand you to type at a set speed because you’ll be entering data online. There is where you can train on websites like LiveChat to achieve the speed you’ll need to get this job.
On a more serious note, you can look for data entry jobs on sites like Indeed or go to Upwork to look for tasks that others have posted.

No. 3 Teaching a Language

There are 6,500 spoken languages in the world, yet the typical person only learns two in their lifetime. English is the most widely spoken language in the world, and it is widely utilized in social media and schools all around the world. Because English is so widely spoken, knowing it increases your chances of landing a job because it makes it easier for employers to deal with you.

This is why it is getting increasingly difficult for foreigners to find work. So they simply begin taking tuitions, which is where you can earn some substantial money on the side. – Keeping the luggage secure. Most people who are serious about learning English hire online tutors from sites like Upwork or Fiverr. Simply put, they pay you to teach English.

Pay is determined by how much the customer is willing to pay per hour, although it is usually $15 or more, depending on your experience. If you’re skilled at teaching, it’s one of the easiest jobs to get, but if you’re timid, another option to make money with this strategy is to just create a course on how to learn English.

Then all you have to do is upload it to sites like Udemy or Skillshare so that others can see it. That’s all there is to it. When your course begins to receive positive feedback, you will see an increase in visitors, which will result in more revenue.

No. 4 Freelance Writing & Copywriter

Yes, this position pays well. People are continuously on the lookout for talented writers. Depending on how skilled you are at writing, you can earn more than $20 per hour freelancing as a writer. One type of writer you could become is a content writer, while the other is a copywriter. Blogs or scripts for content creators are frequently written by content writers.

The ability to write in a variety of styles is the most critical talent for content curators. If you can master this, you’ll have no trouble finding work because you’ll be able to adjust to the creator’s tone.


Now, copywriting refers to the process of creating landing pages or even newsletter feeds for a company. Your sole purpose is to encourage clients to purchase goods or services. Have you ever wondered who wrote a great commercial? It was expertly prepared by a fellow copywriter with the goal of persuading you to make a purchase.

Copywriters are hired by businesses because they can be persuasive and imaginative, assisting them in achieving their sales goals. This is why they are compensated at a rate of more than $20 per hour. This field has a lot of work opportunities. When I looked up content writer jobs, there were a lot of results. So, if you want to pursue a career in this subject, I eagerly await your submissions.

No. 5 Web Designer

Businesses lost a lot of money during the epidemic because they didn’t shift online soon enough. This is why the demand for excellent website designers is increasing. Depending on your expertise, you can easily earn $20 per hour. On Fiverr, you may open a shop.

For example, following vendors. He charges $30 for each Wix website he creates. That’s a substantial sum of money. The thing with website construction is that once you’ve learned it, it’s so simple to create websites that you can easily generate in a short time.

web designer

You can sell in other sites as well. If you don’t want to be a Fiverr seller, you may just apply for jobs like the ones listed below. You might also approach a local business in need of a website and strike a bargain. It’s entirely up to you. Simply ensure that you advertise yourself well, and you will soon be making money.

No. 6 Social Media Manager

social media marketingWe often associate the term “social media manager” with particular influencers who need to be managed, however, this is not the case. Around the corner, there are a number of new local companies or stores. All you have to do is get in touch with them and work out an agreement for you to manage their social media profiles.

You may, for example, schedule upload times or respond to consumer inquiries to improve your company’s reputation. Every organization is willing to pay a high price for marketing services, thus it is a very valuable ability to have. When it comes to social media marketing, knowing how to send email campaigns and run advertising is crucial.

Companies are always on the lookout for people like you because you are so valuable. The reason for this is that you can bring in a large number of devoted clients who will buy their items on a regular basis for the rest of their lives. Learning Facebook Ads is the most popular technique to encourage businesses to pay you.

There is a lot of money to be made if you can understand how to run business advertisements on Facebook. If you want to learn how to email market, Mailchimp is a good place to start. It’s free, and most local businesses utilize it because it’s so simple to use. However, there are constantly new and innovative ways to market. And if you can do it, you will undoubtedly generate more money than you anticipated.

No 7 Online Surveys

Yes, this is effectively a job that is paid for by businesses. Questionnaires aren’t only about filling out surveys on Swagbucks or other sites in order to make quick cash. Yes, you can make money quickly with apps like these, but it takes a long time. I’m referring to company surveys when I say surveys. When large multinational corporations pay you money to test and assess their products and ask for your input, this is known as a company survey.

Because you represent their potential consumer base, the information they obtain from you is critical to them. Consider this: they aren’t going to mass-produce tens of thousands of bottles of a single perfume if the perfume isn’t particularly excellent.

You can work as a product tester or as a website or landing page advisor. Simply provide feedback on what you enjoy about the business page to earn money. That’s all there is to it. But make sure you keep all of the information private and give constructive input rather than just one word, as I used to do. The more positive feedback you provide, the more possibilities you will receive.

So these are the seven online jobs you may apply for but make sure you pick one and focus on it to gain experience and money.