Latest Punjab Police Recruitment 2021 || Paper Schedule || Written Test

Punjab Police Recruitment 2021 || Written Test Schedule

(تحریری امتحان شیڈول جاری)

Recruitment of Punjab Police in which the height and Chest of the candidates have been measured and the running is still pending۔ Punjab Police Written Test Schedule 2021.

News has circulated several times for this written test that such and such testing service has been hired but no news has been confirmed yet. There have been occasional reports from various police offices and sources, but this paper has not been published due to the coronavirus.

Now that a large number of people have been vaccinated and the coronary artery is depleted, this news has been received from reliable sources. That the testing company has been hired and there will be a written test as per the schedule below.

Punjab Police Recruitment Schedule 2021

مورخہ26.07.2021 تک ٹیسٹنگ ایجنسی فائنل کر لی جائے گی
مورخہ30.07.2021 تا 05.08.2021 تک چالان فیس جمع ہوگی
مورخہ07.08.2021 تا 08.08.2021 کو ٹیسٹ ہوگا

All candidates are requested to be fully prepared. This is the question of your future. The one who is well prepared will be successful.


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