Is Teaching a Good Career ?

A profession is usually considered a scale by which a man’s prosperity is estimated. A good profession makes us successful and a failure person in life. Therefore, we should be very careful in choosing a profession.

Is teaching a Good career?

We are concerned about this question. Teaching is the work of prophets, saints, priests, and moralists. It is an honorable and respectful profession in every society.

There are many people in the world who have a great passion for reading, so teaching is a method that will fulfill your passion and become a profession. Wherever your hobby is your profession, then one can spend his life in a fun way.

Is teaching a Good careerThe situation nowadays is that teaching is not just a job of a school where a person takes some salary for fulfillment and teaches his students selflessly. Rather, teaching has become a business that requires no capital and no shops.

Teachers are businessmen and students, customers, teachers deliberately give substandard lessons in schools and colleges and thirst for lessons;

In order for students to take tuition from them and be willing to pay more for less time, it also happens that some universities have to offer “Shayan-e-Shaan Nazrana” for M.Phil and Ph.D.

Besides this,

Teaching is the father of every profession. The teacher is the only person who builds the professionals of every field of life. No field of life can ever make the best professionals without a teacher. The teacher can control the whole nation.

Today the young people we are very confused about their career. Everyone thinks about science education, doctors, engineers, etc., but o must say you should be a teacher, a scientist, doctor, and engineer maker. It is a great honor for you.

Teaching is a respectful profession in society. Teachers gain much respect from everyone; it is a good profession for the girls especially. It is hard to spend much time out of the house till late at night. It is a graceful and gorgeous profession for the girls. Everyone wants to be respected. So, a teacher gains respect at every stage of life because a teacher can never be retired.

By becoming a teacher, you get more knowledge about the subjects which you are teaching. This profession urges you to get more knowledge. You become more curious about things and the subjects.

As Aristotle Says

the one exclusive sign of through knowledge is the power of teaching.

A teacher is a role model for the students. A teacher can inspire his students. Many students idealize their teachers for a different matter. The teacher must possess good qualities and values.

It takes a big heart to shape the little minds.

I must say you must be a teacher, and for this, you should be ambitious. You must set your aim to be a teacher.

Salvador Dali Says

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings

When you set your goal in life, you work hard more diligently and more conveniently for it. Achieve the goal of life.

I summarize this all with a question.

You might be a teacher for the world, but for the student, you are a hero.

You want to be a hero. The choice is yours.